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Maria Ziaka's work can be found in the National Gallery of Greece in Athens, the art galleries of the Municipality of Rhodos, the Municipality of Thessaloniki and the Municipality of Agia Paraskevi as well as the Ministry of Culture, the Rethymnon Center for Contemporary Art, Kanakakis art Gallery, the Alpha Bank Collection, The Ioniki Bank, The Archeological Museum of Nicopolis, Telogleion Foundation of Art, AUTh, (Thessaloniki), Ethniki Insurance and in private collections in Greece and abroad.

Media Coverage

M. Ziaka’s works have been presented by art critics on public and private television channels. In addition, it was also featured sented on various radio programs such as “Greece between East and West (2nd Program) by Nikos Delivorias; and has been discussed by art critics and broadcasters such as: Peppy Rigopoulou, 1986; M. Angelakis, 1989; Elpida Skoufalou, Radio 902 and on the program en lefko, 2001.
She participated in conferences about art and printmaking in Greece. She gave lectures as well about etchings and her work such us.



in Volos and Ioannina


  during her exhibition in Preveza,



with P.P.K. (Panhellenian cultural movement)


Discutions with C. Botsoglon, P. Graballos, B. Tsalmata, P. Pandolfini & D. Siaterli (video),


“six artists ……” text & conversation of the artists who exbibit at the ORA Gallery in Athens


Text for the catalogue of the exhibition: “In the beginning was engraving” Rethynon Centre for Contemporary Art



At the Nicopolis Archeological Museum (Preveza)

You can download Maria Ziakas' Curriculum Vitae here